Psychology services, Essendon

Buckley Consulting Group is a psychology practice in Essendon with a team of psychologists providing professional mental health treatment and counselling for a better quality of life.
  • Anger Management We all experience anger. While it’s natural and often a healthy part of being human,... More
  • Anxiety If worries and fears are making you constantly anxious, edgy and affecting how you function,... More
  • Child & Adolescent Buckley Consulting Group has an experienced team of child psychologists at its Essendon clinic to help... More
  • Depression Depression is a common and often debilitating illness. It is more than just low mood,... More
  • Grief & Loss Our experienced psychologists offer grief and bereavement counselling in Essendon for people dealing with grief... More
  • Relationships Relationships are rewarding but when stress and conflict arises then couples therapy or relationship counselling... More
  • Stress Management If you are feeling overwhelmed and your stress levels are steadily increasing, turning to a... More
  • Substance Use/Abuse Substance use can have a devastating effect on your daily life, putting stress on relationships,... More

Buckley Consulting Group is a Essendon psychology practice that is committed to improving people’s lives through a range of psychological and counselling services from its Essendon clinic through an experienced team of psychologists.

People face challenges in their lives that can lead to feelings such as anxiety, depression, grief, stress and isolation. Some may need help from an experienced counsellor to manage and overcome these feelings when they impact upon relationships and daily life.

At Buckley Consulting Group, our psychologists can help by listening, counselling and guiding you through your problems to a better quality of life. From our discreet purpose-built consulting suites, we provide professional mental health treatment across the lifespan – from infant to adolescents and the aged – in a welcoming and collaborative approach that embraces individuals, couples and families.

Our practitioners have extensive experience in assessing and treating people with a wide range of mental health issues including emotional/behavioural problems, in addition to anxiety and depressive disorders such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Post Natal Depression. We also offer couples counselling, stress management, anger management, grief and loss counselling and substance use/abuse therapy, and have a strong focus on child and adolescent services.

Buckley Consulting Group began in 2010 and is steadily expanding to meet strong demand in Melbourne. Owned by psychologists Dr Adam Partridge and Amy Hede, the group has forged strong and valuable connections with local health providers, schools, paediatricians and psychiatrists. Our team of psychologists use evidence-based treatments that have been shown to be effective, and are committed to best practice by delivering treatments in a confidential and considerate manner.

If you’d like to make an appointment with a psychologist at Buckley Consulting Group, please contact us on (03) 9337 7848.