Anger management, Essendon

We all experience anger. While it’s natural and often a healthy part of being human, effective anger management can make your path through life much smoother. It’s when your anger gets out of control that it can become a serious problem for you and the people around you — your loved ones, your friends and your work colleagues.

Anger and aggression can hitch a ride with other negative emotions such as frustration and people express it in different ways including yelling, abusive behaviour, destruction of property and violence. People with anger management issues are at greater risk of experiencing other mental health and emotional problems including relationship breakdowns and depression.

Our psychologists in Essendon can help with anger management strategies, working with clients to recognise the reasons behind anger, the triggers and how to avoid those triggers. We can equip you with tools to help stay calm and deal with feelings of rage in a more appropriate manner before it overwhelms you.

Learning to deal with anger can make a lasting difference to your quality of life. Please contact Buckley Consulting Group on (03) 9337 7848 for more information on anger management or to make an appointment.