Substance use treatment, Essendon

Substance use can have a devastating effect on your daily life, putting stress on relationships, school, work and your physical and mental health. People can have addictions to many things including alcohol, gambling, nicotine and even shopping and often other factors such as stress can trigger addiction. While some people are successful in hiding their addiction from family, others often don’t realise they have dependency issues.

Counselling, using highly-trained, experienced psychologists, can help adolescents and adults overcome substance use/abuse problems and addiction and help cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Our psychologists¬†at Essendon’s Buckley Consulting Group empower and motivate their clients, help set realistic goals, teach proven strategies on coping with substance abuse and dependence and work together to discover underlying reasons behind their dependency issues.

Substance abuse and dependence are complex problems, but they can be overcome. Contact Buckley Consulting Group on (03) 9337 7848 for more information or to make an appointment.