Couples counselling and relationship counselling, Essendon

Relationships are rewarding but when stress and conflict arises then couples therapy or relationship counselling delivered by an experienced psychologist can help people get back on track or deal with changes to their lives.

Psychologists at Buckley Consulting Group have extensive training and experience in helping people identify problems in their relationship and working with them to a resolution. Infidelity, communication problems, grief, stress and issues with intimacy and trust are among a wide range of factors that can cause conflict within a relationship.

We  work with couples, families and individuals facing relationship issues and associated stress at our Essendon practice. Counselling is also valuable for couples and families dealing with separation and/or divorce to help equip parents and children with strategies to cope with the significant adjustments and changes that follow.

We are experienced in:
  • Couples Counselling
  • Relational Problems
  • Family Counselling

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